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PRD BILLET 4 bolt upgraded oil pump Core - M54 M52TU

PRD BILLET 4 bolt upgraded oil pump Core - M54 M52TU

Updated design!!


After many years of our already proven design, we have revisted the design to improve upon it and also to address the short comings of getting ahold of the pumps for refurbishment.


PRD now offers a complete core change of the pump to repalce the old pump internals with a new billet machined face plate and new inner pump gear. that combined with our already proven upgraded shaft and new sprocket.


The M54 (and M52TU) oil pumps are a sore spot for many - especially for those who have raised their rev limits or spend a lot of time at high RPMs. The single nut holding the sprocket to the rotor shaft vibrates loose over time causing loss of oil pressure and catastrophic damage to the engine in a matter of seconds.


There are many things that cause this to occur: A worn chain, worn sprockets and crank harmonics (on the M54B30).At Parkin racing developments we have a solution that eliminates the issue. We have done with by investigating the root cause of the issue and found that the OEM shaft isn't suitable for high RPM applications and the lack of chain tensioner on the engine causes chain whip, thus resulting in vibration directly on the oil pump, driving the OEM but loose.


We have found that the best solution is to replace the OEM shaft with a more substantial shaft that is heavy duty and has a better method of securing the drive sprocket by means of 4 M6 high tensile bolts.

We also highly recommend the retro fitting of a chain tensioner to the engine block and a new oil pump chain.


To eliminate the chain slack.A CAD drawing will be provided for tensioner position but we are also on hand to support you if needed.The PRD oil pump is the best solution to fix the issue!

  • NOTE

    Please note: the pump housing is not included, only the new core is supplied for replacement.

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